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Hello guys,
I have this code which does:
Automatically updates changes in datagridview
I need it to:
As I don't have column named "akce" in datagridview I need it to automatically insert to every new row value from zakce.Text to column "akce" in sql table.

Is there any way to do that? I tried the code which is now commented but it creates new row instead adding this to new row in datagridview.
da = new SqlDataAdapter("select * from zajsluz WHERE akce="+zakce.Text, spojeni);
                //SqlCommand a = new SqlCommand("INSERT INTO zajsluz(akce)values(@akce)");
                //a.Parameters.AddWithValue("@akce", zakce.Text);
                sqlCommandBuilder = new SqlCommandBuilder(da);
                dt = new DataTable();
                dtg_sluzby.DataSource = dt;

and this is my code on update btton:

public void btn_uloz_sl_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
             MessageBox.Show("Služby byly editovány!");
         catch (Exception se)


Thanks in advance

1 solution

did akce column in sql table is integer or text

if it integer 
"select * from zajsluz WHERE akce= "+convert.toint16(zakce.text);

if it text
"select * from zajsluz WHERE akce= '"+zakce.text +"'";
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maneavnash 12-Jul-13 8:33am    
plase show me your insert query for akce column....

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