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Hi I have a need to deserialize an XML file which contains an image in base64 string. When I deserialize the XML the image is straight away populated as bytes by the following class. Which pretty much eliminates the need to do anything fancy and I write the image from those bytes. However a few images print as corrupt while others are perfectly fine. I need to resolve why few images are corrupt. Either the source is incorrect or I am missing something.

My question is 'is it necessary to use
function to convert the base64 string to bytes?' Doing this doesn't really make a difference anyway.

I suppose that the XML deserialization process automatically does that job

Can anybody please provide a credible source for whatever the case maybe?
Public Class Graphics_Data
  Private _Image_Graphic As List(Of Byte())
  Public Property Image_Graphic As List(Of Byte())
        Return _Image_Graphic
    End Get
    Set(value As List(Of Byte()))
        _Image_Graphic = value
    End Set
 End Property
End Class

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