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I'm giving Toad a try for use with my MySQL db, but I cannot seem to connect (windows-based server with MySQL database) remotely using Toad. After entering the right credentials for both SSH login and the database login, I still get this:
'Access denied for user 'wlp'@'---.---.--.111' (using password: YES)'

I can however successfully login remotely using SSH and MYSQL commands directly from the command line using the same host and credentials, so I believe the credentials and firewall settings are not the problem. The username is the same for both SSH and the db (not the smartest, I know), so I even tried reversing the password entries in case I had the credentials switched. No difference.

I looked through Toad's 'Connection Properties' to see if it was encrypting my credentials somehow which could explain the 'Access denied' error, but didn't see anything.

This has to be basic, but I don't see what I'm missing? any Ideas?
Updated 8-Aug-13 18:50pm

You must configure mysql to allow connections from other computers - by default, only connections from the same machine are accepted.
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Hi, see this link:

Access-Denied Errors

Hope it helps :)
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