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Guys i have some problems with vb10 that i didnot have a long time

1. when i try to debug, i get an error :
No Source Code Available

and the it says something about activationContext ...
i did not have this problem ... i dont see why i should get this error
when i delete everything in my Bin\Debug folder, vb compiles just one time and everytime i have to delete debung folder in order to compile my program
what should i do ? (I already tried reinstalling VB10 and .net 4 and no results)

2. a part of my code used to work without problem but now it generates stupid error :
here is my code :

Dim group as integer
group = GRPinp.text

if pc = 1 then
ReportViewer1.LocalReport.ReportEmbeddedResource = "MyP_2.Bottle.rdlc"
end if

FillByGroup sql syntax :
SELECT   Serial
WHERE [Group] = ?

*[Group] is a column

the error it generates :

No Value given for one or more required parameters.

Error Code : -2147217904

i ran the same code 2-3 days ago and did not have any problems. i did not even change settings or program properties ! what should i do?

Aydin Homay 27-Jul-13 1:31am    
Hi Could you tell me what is your database ?
KababChi 28-Jul-13 1:20am    
database is oledb and adapter is jet 4
Aydin Homay 28-Jul-13 6:58am    
Think about again please, what is your database? oledb or sqldb ... are not database they are objects and jet4 is a provider, your database is MS Access maybe ...
KababChi 28-Jul-13 12:53pm    
yes they are
Yogesh_Dixit 2-Sep-13 8:43am    
Delete all files present in Debug folder and then goto
Build -> Clean Solution
Then Rebuild the Project
Build ->Rebuild Solution

"No Source Code Available" Error occur sometimes because of pdb files.

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