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Dear Sir,
I am new in WCF, I want to know if I am returning "Dataset" from the operation contract and when I an consuming in my web application I am holding output in "dataset" easily.
My question is that: I ever listen WCF always return XML and JSON.

So please tell me how this is going on and how to make service platform independent so every client can access it if they do not have the dataset object.
Prasad Khandekar 30-Jul-13 4:05am    
Hello Bhanu,

XML & JSON are in fact the platform agnostic formats. In fact CSV is also a platform agnostic format, but it only conveys data values and is not as structured as XML or JSON. XML and JSON allows you convey more information about a data value.


Hi Bhanu,

One can specify type of Serialization as a decorator or in web.config of the wcf service.Please read below article for detailed explantion of serialization.[^]

Example :

public interface IEchoService
Person EchoPerson(Person person);

Address EchoAddress(Address address);

Phone EchoPhone(Phone phone);
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Bhanu Pratap Verma 27-Jun-14 7:49am    
Dear vinayoukuri,Thank you very much. Now I clear.
Dear Sir,
My question is that if client application does not belong to .net and the WCF service operation contract returning "DataSet" object then how the client will use the service.

it will be no matter what service return client always get xml?
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 26-Jun-14 13:51pm    
Please stop posting fake "answers". This is the abuse.

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