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my gridview having a column named Select, which contains linkbutton. i fired click event for that linkbuttons to display chart and it is working i want to call the imagebutton click event by mouseover. Is their any way to do this?

i used this code.
          // if you want to call on hover of link button
          $('#link buttonid').live('hover',function(){
          // if you want to call on hover of image button

but how can i take imagebutton id from gridview?

please help me.
Thanks in advance
Updated 1-Aug-13 0:41am

well vineeth you have to use the javascript for that one

buttonid add attribute onmouseover="getclicked()"

in javscript

function getclicked(aa)


so now from gridview databound method

vineeth raju 1-Aug-13 6:35am
but how can i take button id from gridview?
Dholakiya Ankit 1-Aug-13 6:50am
check updated
vineeth raju 1-Aug-13 7:20am
but cannot convert string to image button type..!
Dholakiya Ankit 1-Aug-13 7:23am
use ur controls vineeth this is just example.........

You can do it with use of jquery. See below code.


          // if you want to call on hover of image button
          $("#<%= yourgridid %> input[type='image'][id^='yourimagebuttonid']").live('hover',function(){
               $('#<%= imagebuttonid %>').click();
vineeth raju 1-Aug-13 6:32am
in gridview each linkbutton have separate id. then how can i call this?
Harshil_Raval 1-Aug-13 6:42am
You are right.But in grid view it is having pattern to create ids in each rows. use $("#yourgridid a[id^='your id']") instead of $('#link buttonid'). It will work.
vineeth raju 1-Aug-13 7:01am
your id means my imagebutton id right?
Harshil_Raval 1-Aug-13 7:03am
right. For image button use $("#yourgridid input[type='image'][id^='yourimagebuttonid']") see edited answer above.

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