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Here is my problem.

I have a master page.

I have an update panel in my master page.

I have a default.aspx page which is content page of my master page.

In my master page I have a link button, Once you click on that It creates a user control and adds it to my content page.

protected void lnk_home_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

    Panel pnl_view = ContentPlaceHolder1.FindControl("pnl_view") as Panel;
    home home_view = LoadControl("home.ascx") as home;


in my user control I have a link button

<asp:LinkButton ID="Link_return" runat="server" CssClass="menu-item"
CausesValidation="False" onclick="Link_return_Click">Return

This is server side code of my link button

protected void Link_return_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
Panel pnl_view = this.Parent.FindControl("pnl_view") as Panel;
home home_view = LoadControl("home.ascx") as home;



When I click on the link button in user control click event does not fire at all, none of my controls fires any event at all.

Please help me :(
Updated 6-Aug-13 22:29pm
PrissySC 4-Aug-13 12:30pm    
<asp:Button id="Button1"
Text="Click here for greeting..."

Try the format above and watch your capitalization. I have not worked much with ASP lately and don't remember if it was sensitive, but you have "onclick" and MSDN says it is "OnClick". HTH
Amey K Bhatkar 7-Aug-13 4:02am    
Do you have link button inside you update panel that add user control on the page?

1 solution

Try it in JQuery...Write the below code with in document ready function of jQuery.

$("#Link_return").live("click", function () {
       alert("Link_return button fired successfully");       
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