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i want to insert generic collection to table with linq to entity
my generic collection is

class Sellprod
    public int IDStuff { set; get; }
    public string namestuff { set; get; }
    public int Number { set; get; }
    public Int64 OncePrice { set; get; }
    public int Discount { set; get; }
    public Int64 Sellmultipleprice { set; get; }


and my table fields is :

IDsell	int	Unchecked
IDDocSell	int	Unchecked
IDStuff	int	Unchecked
Number	int	Unchecked
SellPrice	bigint	Unchecked
Discount	bigint	Unchecked
SellMultiplePrice	bigint	Unchecked

i can use below code but i know is not good and i don't know what is good

foreach (var item in cpl)
TblSellProducts tsp = new TblSellProducts()
    // add field
Member 9549287 13-Aug-13 15:21pm    
you should go through linq to entities mapping tutorials. hope these help:
virusstorm 13-Aug-13 16:03pm    
Keep in mind that no matter what you do, you can't do bulk inserts. You will have to loop over every entry and insert them one at a time. If you want to do bulk copy, use SqlBulkCopy class.

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