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is it possible to run a applet in a applet? if so, how?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 17-Aug-13 0:06am    
What does it mean, exactly? And why?
[no name] 17-Aug-13 0:12am    
like, for example, I have a applet on the web and lets say it has a button in it, then i put that applet inside another applet like that one, so then I can have a button to press in my applet aswell as whats in side my applet, I'm making so I can have developers for my program that im making, think of it as a web os
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 17-Aug-13 0:47am    
I still cannot get it. And you did not answer why.
What is "put applet inside"? What is that, exactly?
[no name] 17-Aug-13 2:59am    
why? because I can, and helping developers get seen aswell, put applet inside = put the applet inside a window like you do in windows 7, put that window in a java aplet, which the applet can be a program, visual answer with applet menus, think of it like windows 7 is the applet then think of all the programs that run in windows 7 as applets aswell, and thats what i mean,

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 17-Aug-13 3:01am    
Frankly, after your last comment, I understand your idea even less than before, sorry...

1 solution

Yes you can run applet inside a applet, but not like the parent applet as sandbox but as a parent applet calling the child applet as a java class in a frame.
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[no name] 18-Aug-13 3:10am    
Can you please give me names of what this is called, like, the name of the object that allows me to call the applet and put in the other applet frame? I need to name so I can reasearch it
Ashraff Ali Wahab 18-Aug-13 3:20am    
Please refer this site

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