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I have an array of structures lets say

struct info
string a{get;set;}
string b{get;set;}
int c{get;set;}

And imagine that
info[] information;
is the array of information i have.

but i want to get just an array of the strings 'b'. What is the best way to do this/ is there a default way to handle this in c#. I need it as i wrote a useful function for compiling lists that works with strings.

I understand i could compile a list using foreach but this is a lot of code to use each time i want a list of items in the structure array.
Updated 18-Aug-13 8:05am

1 solution

string[] sa = information.Select(I => I.b).ToArray();

[edit]I hate typing code on a tablet... It autocorrected "sa" to "as"[/edit]
ridoy 18-Aug-13 14:45pm
very basic,but very useful too,+5 :)
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 18-Aug-13 23:23pm
Nice solution, a 5.

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