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Hi everyone.

I'm reading data from a datalogger and it gives me the bytes with left alignment.

I've been searching a function that allows me to align that bytes to the right.
For example: the number: 0110 1000 .
The result i want is: 0000 1101.

Thanks in advance.
Updated 19-Aug-13 0:35am
CPallini 19-Aug-13 5:43am    
It doesn't look an alignment operation. Are you sure your example is correct?

There is no "function" that can give you a result like that based on a single example - particularly when there is no obvious relationship between the input:
0110 1000
and the expected output:
0000 1110

I suggest that you look at the manual or datasheets for the datalogger and try to work out in better detail what the dat ait provides actually is...
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CPallini 19-Aug-13 5:44am    
You and the OP have different expected outputs!
OriginalGriff 19-Aug-13 6:00am    
He changed his after seeing mine - I copy'n'pasted from his...:laugh:
Use like PadLeft function that might help you in this case
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Acusu 19-Aug-13 6:53am    
Thanks, i converted it to string and back to byte.

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