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i have some problem in my attempt to create domain model of this situation:

Auditor want to create analysis on process or on structure and register relative result

There is a catalog of controls, processes and structures

A single analysis may involve many processes or many structures and process and structure are attached:

I can have many structures involved in a process and a structure can have many processes

On a structure or a process can be done many controls

Controls are hierarchically organized

Example of what auditor can do:

Create one analysis,
elect a list of process, for each one link the relative structures
for each process link a list of controls
for each <process,> indicate some information (over 20 different fields which describe how to do control on the specific process)
for each <process,> register the result (over 20 field for specification of the result)

Same as 1 but with structure and not process

An analysis can be made on Process only or on structure only

I think to use this model:



Strucure (inherits from ObjectOnControl)

Process (inherits from ObjectOnControl)
- listOfStructures

- ID
- Description
- ParentControl

- n other string field

- ObjectOnControl
- Control
- Result

- ID
- listOfObjectControlled
- auditor

But I don't like this things:

1) Strucure and Process reference each other
2) ObjectControlled is there only for mapping the relationship between Control and Object with the Result property. it's very difficult to give it a name
3) Society is a service object, only need it for populating menu and reporting. But the user have to maintain it for adding/editing/deleting so i need the key
but i would like to render it a Value Object

Thankyou for help

additional information copied from comment below
perhaps i have not explained well myself but i'm doing it as i wrote above and i come here to compare with community to see if there are better roads to do it.

I put the example just to explain better but we can very well be only on a theoretical:
-) there are best practices on how to map entities that refer each other?
-) lookup object that must be maintained can be modeled as Value Object?
Updated 5-Sep-13 0:10am

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