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i downloaded a source code from XZip and XUnzip - Add zip and/or unzip to your app with no extra .lib or .dll[^]

but when i added them to my project ,i got:

1>XZip.obj : error LNK2001: :unresolved external symbol _stricmp
1>XZip.obj : error LNK2001: :unresolved external symbol _tzset

I have searched for a long time ,but i can't get anything helpful...
chandanadhikari 27-Aug-13 3:15am    
which visual studio are you using (2008/2010/2012 )? when you opened the project in visual studio did it ask it to convert it ? i mean the project code was for vs2008 but you opened it in a later version so it asks for conversion of project and between various releases the visual Studio libraries change which might cause the problem.....try including string.h or wchar.h or mbstring.h ...the link error with _stricmp may go here what happens .

Many string related C functions have been changed in VS 2008, specifically the internal ones like those causing your errors. The newest version of that lib supports only 2005. So you probably need to convert the XZip files and adapt the string function calls manually.

That said, it's probably better you post a request on that behalf on the page of that article. The author may be able to give you more concise instructions, or maybe he'll fix it himself.
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Check this link. This could be the reason

324079-Why cant this Compile[^]
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