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Hello everyone,
How can i be able to make a function be assigned with a generic type parameter in C
for example in order to get the length of an array i use the following,
int n;
n = (sizeof(array)/ sizeof(array[0]));

i find this statement useful and i want to put it in a generic function, but an array can be of any type, how to make the function receive any 1D array of any type.

Thanks in advance,
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Solution 2

Assuming that by array, you are talking about traditionnal C style array like this one:
int anArray[25];

If you don't need compile-time value, then the following function will be able to evaluate the number of items in any array.
template <typename T, int n> int len(T(&array)[n])
    return (sizeof(array)/ sizeof(array[0]));

You can then get the length like that:
int n = len(anArray);

Since that code will only compile for arrays and not pointers, the template is safer to uses as it would not compile with pointers (or the equivalent int not_really_an_array[]).

Also, in the Template function, one could simply write return n; but I have copied the original code (including all superfluous parenthesis) to make it clear that I do same thing.
Quite convincing (especially the last sentence :-), a 5.
nv3 29-Aug-13 1:56am
My 5.
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Solution 3

your solution is perfect but ansi c does not support
so here is the solution in c

#define ARRAY_SIZE(x)  (sizeof(x) / sizeof(x[0]))

you can pass any type of array in this function,
Thanks for your effort everyone,

Philippe Mori 1-Sep-13 8:38am
Well, although you mention C in the question, it was also tagged as C++ and you were taking about generic functions which make us think you want a template function.

With the C macro, you just have to be careful to use it only when it can be used (array with compile-time known size).

In pratice, it might offten be preferable to declare a constant and used that constant instead. const int n =5; int x[n]; particulary if you need to declare multiple arrays of that same size.
z3ngew 1-Sep-13 12:28pm
I'm sry for the confusion, and about using a constant, it really solve it perfectly but sometimes you just need to return the length of the array without declaring it previously.

Thanks for your effort,

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