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Hi all,
I am installing wordpress farsi until step2, but after that I am downloading wp-config.php and can'i run install.php or setup-config.php because browser can find these files.
Please help me.
[no name] 1-Sep-13 15:16pm    
"step2" implies that you are following some tutorial. There are millions and millions of tutorials scattered all over the web, books and magazines. How on earth would you expect us to know which tutorial you are following and which "step2" you are stuck on?
Nelek 1-Sep-13 18:54pm    
Please don't think we can read minds or do astral projections to see your monitor. If you need help, the least you could do is to add some relevant code to your question or to explain your problem in such a way, that the users of CP can understand it. Otherwise, nobody will be able to help you.

Use the "improve question" and add relevant information. There are thousands of ways to screw things up, how are we supposed to know which one did you choose?

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