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Hi i want how to split this string

string s = "[1] - blah blah [2] - [bbbbbb]";
string[] words = Regex.Split(s, "??????");

in Regex.Split how to use ?
i want this output
Updated 2-Sep-13 22:43pm

I'm sure somebody with more Regular Expression experience could do better. That said, try this...
string s = "[1] - blah blah [2] - [bbbbbb]";

System.Text.RegularExpressions.MatchCollection matches = Regex.Matches(s, @"\[(\w*)\]");

foreach (System.Text.RegularExpressions.Match match in matches)
    // the item at index 1 is your value without the brackets, the value at index 0 is the value including the brackets wrapping it.
Menon Santosh 3-Sep-13 2:01am
Good Job my +5
idenizeni 3-Sep-13 2:06am
Thanks :)
Punamchand Dhuppad 3-Sep-13 2:09am
nice one
Joezer BH 3-Sep-13 2:24am
KururuLABO 3-Sep-13 3:15am
How i can get "match.Groups[1].Value" to varible ?
int i = 1;
int s= 2;
string = "bbbbbb";
idenizeni 3-Sep-13 3:24am
Like any other variable...
string x = match.Groups[1].Value;
int i = -1;
int.TryParse(match.Groups[1].Value, out i);

Is this what you meant?
KururuLABO 3-Sep-13 4:24am
I want to send value in match.groups[1].value to varible
I try you code MessageBox will show 1 2 bbbbb
i want you split text to varible
[1] - blah blah [2] - [bbbbbb]
int = 1;
int = 2;
string = "bbbbbb";

Split text to varible :)
KururuLABO 3-Sep-13 4:28am
If you don't what i mean see this picture
idenizeni 3-Sep-13 14:14pm
Will there always be 3 items or can the number of items change each time? If the number can change then I don't understand why you want to assign to variables as you wouldn't know how many variables to declare in your code. This sounds like a job for a list/array. In your original post you were attempting to split the values into a string array, if you want to put just the values into a list of strings you could do this...

string s = "[1] - blah blah [2] - [bbbbbb]";
System.Text.RegularExpressions.MatchCollection matches = Regex.Matches(s, @"\[(\w*)\]");

List<string> words = (from System.Text.RegularExpressions.Match m in matches select m.Groups[1].Value).ToList();

foreach (string word in words)
Hi Instead of split you can use Matches and take the values using foreach loop

Hope this helps you.
string pattern = @"\[(.*?)\]";
string str = "[1] - blah blah [2] - [bbbbbb]";
string matches = Regex.Matches(str, pattern);
string value = string.Empty;
foreach (Match m in matches)
     value += m.Groups[1].ToString()+",";

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