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jquery to bind states in dropdown when country is selected from another dropdown in MVC 4 while registering user..

I have got the states name in one list "stateList" while selecting country name from dropdown through the function "GetStatesList"

public ActionResult GetStatesList(int countryid)
TracFindDALContainer tracFindStates = null;
List<registermodel> stateList = null;
using (tracFindStates = new TracFindDALContainer())
var statebind = (from s in tracFindStates.States
join c in tracFindStates.Countries on s.Id equals c.Id
where s.CountryID == countryid
select new RegisterModel
Stateid =s.Id,
StateName =s.StateName });

if (statebind == null)
return Json(null);
stateList = (List<registermodel>)statebind.ToList();
return Json(stateList);

catch (Exception ex)
objStringBuilder.AppendLine("Start: StateList, StateList Method");
return null;


but thruogh jquery I am not getting states in doropdown..

Plz help...
Updated 12-Sep-13 3:35am

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akrati shakya 5-Sep-13 9:49am    
Actually i want the solution containing view , controller and should have function ...
Jameel VM 5-Sep-13 10:31am    
i recommend you to use ajax call.

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