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Find the number of months between two dates in C#
Updated 14-Dec-20 0:12am

DateTime d1 = new DateTime(2020, 1, 1);
DateTime d2 = new DateTime(2020,12,31);

// subtract the dates, and divide the total days by 30.4 (avg number of days per month)
int months = (int)(Math.Floor(((d2-d1).TotalDays / 30.4)));
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Maciej Los 18-Jun-20 2:02am    
This question is pretty old and seems OP is not interested in answer...
Nasty way but does what I need (calculate physical calender months between two dates)

//2 datetimepicker controls dtpStart & dtpEnd

DateTime sdt = dtpStart.Value;
DateTime edt = dtpEnd.Value;
int numMonths = 0;
while(sdt < edt)
sdt = sdt.AddMonths(1);
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CHill60 12-Mar-19 10:26am    
Did you read the links in Solution 1?

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