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Hi everyone,

We have a project that was developed on silverlight+wpf with MVVM manner. However, we want to move this project into ASP.NET and MVC due to some reasons. Our researches shows that the migration is possible but, there is no explanations.

Additional Info: Project is a CRM project.

Thanks for everyone.

Updated 17-Dec-19 22:33pm
FoxRoot 11-Sep-13 8:17am
blank page ?
Devasish Panda 11-Sep-13 8:21am
This might get your job done:
Download pdf
This is a proper link.
FoxRoot 11-Sep-13 8:22am
I have no access :)
Devasish Panda 11-Sep-13 8:26am
Try again, i've set the access rights to public
FoxRoot 11-Sep-13 8:58am
this is to silverlight. Our project is written as silverlight we wwant to move to ASP.NET
Devasish Panda 11-Sep-13 9:00am
Which version of silverlight have you developed upon ?
FoxRoot 11-Sep-13 9:03am

1 solution

I don't believe there can be efficient automated migration in this direction. Here is why: Silverlight in enormously powerful when compared to ASP.NET, which is strongly constrained by draconian limitation of HTTP (stateless!) and HTML standards. That said, you are going to functionally downgrade your platform quite badly. Many things easy in Silverlight will be totally inapplicable to ASP.NET.

I hope, MVVM helped you to isolate UI from other aspects of functionality well. This is the only benefit you can use. You would have to reuse only parts of your code irrelevant to UI, and rewrite all the UI from scratch. Your existing Silverlight UI can be only used for reference purposes, as a document. Sad but true.

FoxRoot 12-Sep-13 2:28am
Thanks Sergey. Again you and again clear explanations :)
You are welcome. Will you accept this answer formally (green button).
FoxRoot 12-Sep-13 3:01am
I accepted as solution. thanks again :)
Good luck, call again.

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