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i want sample code to map the stored procedure return columns with the entity properties

suppose i have an entity class

Public Class Employee

public Property EmployeeId as Integer
public Property EmployeeName as string
public Property Salary as double

End Class

and the stored procedure in sql server

suppose table is

columns are
EmpId int,
EmpName nvarchar(50),
Salary money

and the procedure is

create procedure sp_EmployeeDetails
@EmpId as int

Select * from EmployeeDetails where EmpId=@EmpId


so the class properties and the procedure return columns are not same how to map this using fluent in vb.code

actually we are mapping the columns but both class properties and the procedure return columns are same using hbm.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<hibernate-mapping xmlns="urn:nhibernate-mapping-2.2"
  assembly="MyApplication" namespace="MyApplication">

  <sql-query name="GetEmployeeDetails" callable="true">

    <!-- Parameters -->
    <query-param name="EmpId" type="string"/>

    <!--Return values-->
    <return-scalar column="EmpId" type="integer"/>
    <return-scalar column="EmpName" type="string"/>
    <return-scalar column="Salary" type="double"/>

    {  execute sp_EmployeeDetails(@EmpId)}


Map File

Imports FluentNHibernate.Mapping

Public Class EmployeeDetailsMap
    Inherits ClassMap(Of EmployeeDetails)

    Public Sub New()

        Id(Function(x) x.EmployeeId).Column("EmpId")
        Map(Function(x) x.EmployeeName).Column("EmpName")
        Map(Function(x) x.Salary).Column("Salary")
        Map(Function(x) x.DeptId).Column("DeptId")
    End Sub

End Class

Procedure code

Dim employeeDetailsList As IList(Of EmployeeDetails) = Nothing
Dim sql As IQuery = session.GetNamedQuery("GetEmployeeDetails")
sql.SetInt32("EmployeeId", 1)
employeeDetailsList = sql.SetResultTransformer(Transform.Transformers.AliasToBean(Of EmployeeDetails)).List(Of EmployeeDetails)()

i am getting the data if the entity properties are EmpId,EmpName,Salary

and how can we get the stored procedure output parameter value

please help....

Thanks in advance....
Updated 18-Sep-13 5:54am

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