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how to convert visual studio 2010 solution to visual studio 2012?
Updated 24-Apr-17 12:21pm
Thanks7872 13-Sep-13 5:54am    
By deleting the old one,you expect us to answer this new non question?

You can just open the old file with the newer version of the program. Open VS2012, click File -> Open Solution, and open the VS2010 solution. The version mismatch will be detected by VS2012 and any necessary conversion(s) done by the compiler. You can do this across multiple versions (ie. open VS2008 files with VS2012) but this is a bit buggy. Just jump by one version if possible.
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pasztorpisti 15-Sep-13 16:23pm    
+5, Couldn't be easier.
H.Brydon 15-Sep-13 16:36pm    
Thanks very much.
You can try this way

'convert' the solution file to change the line containing '# Visual Studio 2010' to '# Visual Studio 2012' in the .SLN file.
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Thanks7872 13-Sep-13 6:09am    
Don't you see the comment below the question?
pasztorpisti 15-Sep-13 16:46pm    
This way you just lie to the visual studio launcher so it will show an VS2012 icon for the sln file and it will launch VS2012 instead of VS2010. I guess VS2012 should still ask you about the conversion of each vcxproj.

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