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Hi Experts,

I have two tables:
1. Release_Master Table:
col1                        col2                                            col3.
 A                            B                                               C
 D                            E                                               F

2. Knowissues_master Table:
col5           col6             col7                                      col8.
 124            87              44                                         66
 33             gh              dd                                          44

I want to display col3 values of Release_Master and col8 values of Knowissues_master into the single column in the gridview

something like this:

How can I achieve this from code behind (C#) or how can I do this from sql server in the select statement.

Please help me out with this issue..i will appreciate you.
Updated 20-Sep-13 8:42am
JoCodes 20-Sep-13 14:25pm    
Do you have any common column in both the table?
argeraju 21-Sep-13 7:51am    
No I don't have common column
argeraju 21-Sep-13 8:09am    
I don't have common columns . If it is , how can we display two different columns values of different tables into separate row into the single column?

 Hi  ,

I have solved that issue myself by using the table variables in the sql server.
The following code will give the same result what I expected.

DECLARE @table1 TABLE  (id int, name varchar(10))
INSERT INTO @table1 VALUES (1, 'issue1')
INSERT INTO @table1 VALUES (2,'issue2')
DECLARE @table2 TABLE (id int, name varchar(10), name2 varchar(10))
INSERT INTO @table2 VALUES (1, 'issue3','OneT')
INSERT INTO @table2 VALUES (2,'issue4','TwoT')
DECLARE @table3 TABLE (result nvarchar(max))

SELECT name from @table1
UNION SELECT name from @table2
SELECT * FROM @table3
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Volynsky Alex 22-Sep-13 16:49pm    
Assuming the data source has both the fields, you can use template fields


If this is not what you are looking for:

Are you saying you have 2 data sources from which you wish to do the same? Post some code, it will be much more clearer.

PS: Sorry if this does not help
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argeraju 21-Sep-13 7:50am    
Hi karthik,

Actually i don't want to display the both column values into single column of same row.

I want to display them into single column in the separate row for every column value of those tables

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