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I have a combo box with list of data.
i want to display the distinct value of data in ComboBox and with value member.

Below is my code:

List<templateentity> objTemp = null;
objTemp = (List<templateentity>)note.Body;
cmbDataset.DataSource = objTemp;
cmbDataset.DisplayMember = "DatasetName";
cmbDataset.ValueMember = "DatasetID";

You can do this, (you may have to tweak it a bit to complie and work for you)
ddlName.DataSource = items.Select(item=>item.Name).Distinct().ToList();

ddlSize.DataSource = items.Select(item=>item.Size).Distinct().ToList();

ddlPrice.DataSource = items.Select(item=>item.Price).Distinct().ToList();

And then find the itemID based on the selection of all three dropdown lists.

This is C# and assumes that you have LINQ

Hope this helps.

Edit-- (if no LINQ)
IList<string> names = new List<string>();

foreach (Item item in Items)
    if (!names.Contains(item.Name))

ddlName.DataSource = names;

//Do similar for price and size.

Edit (use SQL commands)
select distinct Name from Item
select distinct Size from Item
select distinct Price from Item
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var filterData = objTemp.Select(x => new { DatasetID = x.DatasetID, DatasetName = x.DatasetName }).Distinct();
cmbdataset.DataSource = filterData.ToList()
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