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i am developing a website for online exam but i have to use Hindi language. the problem is that if question is only in Hindi language then easy to do with but if question with Hindi and English character then it created problem.

i want do like this

i am using SQL Server 2008 R2 Database with NVARCHAR
Visual Studio 2005
ridoy 29-Sep-13 16:14pm    
like what?
Akinmade Bond 29-Sep-13 17:16pm    
The programs throws an exception when there are English and Hindi characters in a question? Explain what happens, we can't see your screen, remember?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 29-Sep-13 23:21pm    
Of course it could not be the case. I suspect the "problem" is made up, imagined.
Sachidanand Upadhyay 30-Sep-13 2:42am    
Please check this link maybe you can help after that.

check all question mixed with hindi and english that i want to do like this...
Akinmade Bond 30-Sep-13 9:14am    
Web page cannot be displayed.

1 solution

Please see my past answer: Problem in typing in Hindi and english[^].

From your comment, I can guess that you may want to provide a "virtual" (on-screen) keyboard for your Web pages. I can help there, too, but you never mentioned about that, this is only my guess.

Devanāgarī is so popular, it is supported on nearly all modern systems by default (except perhaps some separate characters; for example, the rupee sign was standardized relatively recently, so it was not included in many fonts, so Indian use some special font just to include it). I never can understand, why people from India keep asking such question, as if they almost never used their own languages on computers. Learn those simple things, after all!


If you want to proceed with a virtual keyboard, you should have a keyboard with a English-Devanāgarī switch on it. This is how it is usually done.

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