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How can i store the label value of masterpage so that i can access from any other page from jquery .do i need to use session or cookie or something like that so that it is not lost when redirected to other pages

here is my code

$(".left_bt").click(function () {

    var prodDetailID = $("[id*=lblProductID]", $(this).closest("div")).html();
    var keyName = $("[id*=lblKeyName]", $(this).closest("div")).html();
    var eshopPrice = $("[id*=lblEShopPrice]", $(this).closest("div")).html();

    //var ProductDetails = "("+ prodDetailID +")" + keyName + "/" + eshopPrice;

    var ProductDetails = "(" + prodDetailID + ")" + keyName +"\r\n" ;
    var InitialValue = $("[id*=lblShopProdID]").text()+"\r\n";
    var EshopTotalAmount;
    if (InitialValue == "No Product Selected") {
        alert("Product Detailed: " + ProductDetails + " added successfully to cart");
        var newInitialValue = $("[id*=lblShopProdID]").text() + "\r\n";;
        $("[id*=lblShopProdID]").text(newInitialValue + "\r\n" + ProductDetails);
        alert("Product Detailed: " + ProductDetails + " added successfully to cart");



here lblshopprodid is the lable which has items that user has clicked but everytime i move to other pages it gets lost which should not be the case. how can i avoid this please help thanks in advance

1 solution

Yes, you'll have to store in session or cookie and then each time a page loads it will need to write to a hidden field since jquery is on the client side.

Or, you can put it in the query string.

Or, you can have a webservice that you call.

Lots of options.

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