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I m having a problem in the runtime of a program giving error "Unhandled Exception in xx.exe:0X000000C Access Violation" while executing the code having 2 threads ( created using AfxBeginThread()), one from read a file1 and another for writing to a file2.

can anyone help out????

A Debugger start could help... :)

You will see the line and stack at the exception,
just press "Retry" or "Break" at the message box :)
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sksksksksksksks wrote:
can anyone help out????

At this point there is only one person that can help. You.

Evidently, somewhere in your code you are attempting to access memory that is not yours. This could be the result of dereferencing an uninitialized pointer.

You'll need to find the location in your code where the symptom is occurring and try to trace it back to where you made your mistake. Then fix your mistake. Finally, check if you made the same mistake in other places and fix those too.

The way to start doing this is by following Eugen Podsypalnikov suggestion - use the debugger.
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