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i'm using to upload a certain excel file.. in that excel file i have a date field..what i need is to compare this date field to the format "yyymmdd" of the date that i'm using.... so how can i validate it?

For Each row As DataRow In ExcelCntDT.Rows
             i = i + 1
             desc = row("DESCRIPTION")
             datee = row("DATE_TO_SEND")
             timee = row("TIME_TO_SEND")
             finalTime = timee.Substring(0, 5)
             content = row("CONTENT")
             If datee Then ' here i need to validate my date
                     validDate = false
             End If

1 solution

Here many ways to do the same,

1. As you have date value in dateString variable, you can generate required date value and compare,
DateTime dt = DateTime.ParseExact(dateString, "yyyyMMdd", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture);
string requiredDate = dt.ToString("yyyyMMdd");

2. Or try this
DateTime dateValue;
if (DateTime.TryParseExact(dateString, "yyyyMMdd", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture, DateTimeStyles.None, out dateValue))
 //do logic here

3. you can also use regular expression


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