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My android widget for OIS(online information system for our college) project is going on.While i work on my ideas regarding this i wanna make it unique by adding some interesting and new features which was never used in our college OIS. Following are my ideas.By now i have developed the front end part of the widget.Server side scripting part using php is gonna start soon.

By this android widget for OIS the students and faculties will be able to see their attendance,timetable and notice.The timetable will be downloaded to local database and can be browsed even if the phone doesn't get connected to wi-fi inside or outside campus. Only those information will be displayed which are relevant to the particular student/faculty.The widget can further be enhanced to avail features like setting up an alarm for certain important activities like assignment submission final date, internal exam date, class timings etc.

Along with these ideas i need some more unique ideas to make this android widget more valuable for our college.Any ideas regarding student information system (or) faculty information system (or) any added features ideas are welcome.

@Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov : Here are some of my new ideas.Can you please comment on these.And then lemme know if you can share some more ideas regarding this?

1) Which are the professors for the subjects I am taking? How do I contact these professors?
2) What other students are taking the same class as I am
3) What students are taking what classes?
4) Study groups : if a student/faculty wants to start a project/research/study about a particular topic then he/she can search who're the people related to that particular topic of interest.Then he/she can send a mail to all of them through intra mail system mentioning about his/her wants.The Mail will be delivered to each and everyone related to that subject of interest(for eg. student who are having java programming as a compulsory subject).After going through the mail interested students can mail back to him/her And a study group is formed.
5) College news
(This has lots and lots of potential. Think of it on the lines of a news paper where students can submit articles, news snippets, editorials etc. And go for a server push with preferences. e.g. I want to be notified when there is any type of new news/information tagged 'canteen' or 'swimming')
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