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how can i pack an object in php and send it over udp?
i have a packet class that has 6 propertis :
/** @var 32int  */
        private $headerSize;
        /** @var 32int  */
        private $highSessionID;
        /** @var 32int  */
        private $lowSessionID;
        /** @var array (char)  */
        private $signature;
         /** @var 32int  */
        private $comandID;
         /** @var 32int  */
        private $dataSize;

i tried a simple client-server app that it send a string over udp but i want to send an object that have different type of data

Edited : I used pack and serialized functions , they were very helpful : ) but i have one more question :

I read manual in but i did not understand how to pack different type of data . i tried this :
$n = ord('a');
 $buf =  pack('IS',200000000,$n);

 $array = unpack('I/S', $buf);
 foreach ($array as $key => $value)
    echo "\$array[$key] = ". $value ."<br>\n";

output :
$array[1] = 97<br>

why 200000000 was not print ? how can i fix the code?

Updated 20-Oct-13 20:42pm
Richard MacCutchan 20-Oct-13 13:07pm
It's just the same, you send it as a stream of bytes and the receiving program unpacks it to its components. As long as both ends know the structure it should work.
kleymanx90 21-Oct-13 2:06am
Could u tell me how can i send data as a stream of bytes? socket_sendto fucntion get data as string
Richard MacCutchan 21-Oct-13 3:31am
A string is just a stream of bytes. Alternatively, you could convert all your numbers to strings and send them that way. Unfortunately I don't know php so cannot offer any code.
kleymanx90 21-Oct-13 4:04am
thank u : )

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