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I want to display a calendar where we can create appointments for particular date and time .I am using Windows 8 Phone Panorama application. When clicking on a particular date I should be able to create appointment for particular date

So could anybody explain how to make this operation using date calendar in Windows 8 Phone app?

Thank You
Updated 29-Oct-13 20:18pm

1 solution

1. Add the following statement to your code
using Microsoft.Phone.Tasks;

2. Add the following code to your application wherever you need it, such as in a button click event. To test this procedure, you can put the code in the page constructor. This is the code to launch the task.
SaveAppointmentTask saveAppointmentTask = new SaveAppointmentTask();

saveAppointmentTask.StartTime = DateTime.Now.AddHours(2);
saveAppointmentTask.EndTime = DateTime.Now.AddHours(3);
saveAppointmentTask.Subject = "Appointment subject";
saveAppointmentTask.Location = "Appointment location";
saveAppointmentTask.Details = "Appointment details";
saveAppointmentTask.IsAllDayEvent = false;
saveAppointmentTask.Reminder = Reminder.FifteenMinutes;
saveAppointmentTask.AppointmentStatus = Microsoft.Phone.UserData.AppointmentStatus.Busy;

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