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I have written a C# application which is supposed to interact with a gsm modem using AT commands.
All other commands are working well for me except for USSD commands which are appearing to be returning a hexadecimal or encrypted string in the response.

The USSD command which i am executing is: AT+CUSD=1,"*125#",15 and its returning the same result in my code and on hyperterminal.

Have a look at the query and the result of the query which i took from the hyperterminal screen


+CUSD: 0,"004100630063002000420061006C00200030002E003000300030003000200055005300

can you please assist me in the best way possible, i am stuck.
Updated 28-May-22 11:28am
Richard MacCutchan 30-Oct-13 5:50am    
What results are you expecting? If you get the same values from hyperterm then your code is probably correct.
Member 10364520 30-Oct-13 5:52am    
I am expecting retrieve my balance and i must receive an answer like this: "your balance is 100$..."
Richard MacCutchan 30-Oct-13 5:56am    
You need to check with your service provider what the response format is.
aminvincent 27-Apr-15 6:00am    
may i get your project? because i need example for ussd command ,...thanks

I think message is in hex representation of unicode characters
Your message is

Acc Bal 0.0000 USD Exp:06/03/14.0TXTs Exp:-.0Bonus SMS Exp:-.0Free SMSs Exp:-.0.00USD Bonus airtime exp:-.New SIM 0.00USD,0SMS, 0.00MB, 0MMS Exp:-. 0TM SMSs

Simply conver string from hex into bytes and interpret it as unicode string.
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CPallini 14-Jan-14 4:51am    
Before you send USSD with AT Command please set modem or Handphone to Text mode, with

AT+CMGF=1 this set the modem to (text mode)

AT+CMGF=0 this set the modem to (PDU mode)

I hope you understand
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RashmitaS 1-Apr-15 6:43am    
I am trying to send USSD code for Balance Inquiry from Hyperterminal using Huawei GSM modem.

I am getting an error [+CME ERROR: 100] when I use the code AT+CUSD=1,"*901#",15

So I changed my code to AT+CUSD=1,"2a39303123",15

Now the response is

+CUSD: 2

But there is no expected Response like "Balance:Rs. 46.84.Ek ko dui offer! Matra Rs. 12* ma 18MB data.Yo dainik data pack kharid garna *17123# dial garnuhos"

which I receive when I send the same USSD code from Modem application. Kindly help.
Member 2281771 11-Aug-16 17:57pm    
I am still having the same issue. I get only +CUSD: 2 , but there is no data supplied.
Please advice how can i get the required data , like Balance:....
I'm wondering the same error! it only returns the first time AT + CUSD = 1, \ "* 101 # \", 15 OK, the remaining CUSD balance cannot be taken. please, show me the method!
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CHill60 30-May-22 3:04am    
If you have a question then use the red "Ask a Question" link at the top of the page. Do not post questions or comments as solutions to others posts. Be sure to read the posting guidelines provided on that link - you will need to provide much more information than you have here
I managed to solve it last year, anyway, thanks for the response.
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Ehsan Waris 5-Nov-14 14:09pm    
can you share you code please? I need some help in sending ussd codes through gsm... and i can't find any useful tutorial or hrlp.
Member 10888987 11-Feb-15 4:19am    
Can you tell me how did you solved this.
Member 11431150 28-Feb-15 19:15pm    
You can use the function split to split the data.
For Example in VB.Net :

Dim strData as string = "Mydata1,Mydata2,MyData3"
Dim mSplit() as string = strData.Split(",")

in line 2 mSplit is an array. The value of mSplit now is :

mSplit(0) = "Mydata1"
mSplit(1) = "Mydata2"
mSplit(2) = "Mydata3"
Try switch your chips to another provider, I have same problem before.
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Richard MacCutchan 23-Dec-17 3:37am    
Answered FOUR years ago.

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