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I have tried below approaches:
1) Placing Report header in Page Header, but this will result in persistent space in header when I hide Report Header on subsequent pages. For this I have used GLobal PageNumber variable and I can toggle header using condition in Hidden property. For eg. if(Global!PageNumber >1,true,false) so it will show header only on first page and hide it in subsequent pages. But on subsequent pages it will trail empty spaces in header which looks ugly.

2) Placing Report Header in Row Group Header and keeping RepeatOnPageHeader, KeepWithGroupAfter and FixedData to true will repeat the report header on every page but now I cannot hide for specific (Say No. 2) Page.

3) Calculating Row number option is not feasible for my page as size of row and design is dynamic and cannot be fixed at design time.

4) Also used custom code but problem with that is we are not getting actual page number when we want to hide Report header on 2nd or 3rd pages.

Please help me
Updated 20-Apr-23 11:07am


I am not sure if you tied this, if not then give it a shot.

1. Create a sub-report
2. Places the sub-report in the header of Tablix
3. Set the properties RepeatOnPageHeader, KeepWithGroupAfter as True, After respectively
4. Create a parameter, let's name as "Hide Header" - can be hidden with default value or visible to use to pass the value
---a. parameter can be integer if you want to pass pagenumber
---b. can be string to pass comma seperated page numbers
---c. can be string to pass even/odd/alternate/... as value
5. On the Tablix Row-header consisting of Sub-report, set the visibility condition
---a. if parameter value is string ==> iif(Global!PageNumber = Parameters!HideHeader,true,fale)
---b. if parameter value is an array of numbers, then split the string, get each number and pass
---c. if parameter is a text (dropdown) with value odd/even/alternate/... then use mod operator and perform operation

This should work. Let me know how it goes.

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This above solution, while innovative, missed the point of the request: this is inside a tablix. A global cannot be applied inside a tablix, only on headers and footers in SSRS.
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Richard Deeming 21-Apr-23 3:40am    
So down-vote the solution, and add a comment explaining why.

"The other solution doesn't work" is not a new solution unless you actually provide an alternative that works!

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