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Hi All,

I want how to load balancing in .net , and to run application in different servers if 500 users reach one server it redirects to another server upto 1000 how can i acheive can u guide me i am new to this area or send snippets

The links on answers of this[^] question may help.
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Study the concept of load balancing. It is very interesting and will be a unique experience for you. It is not only done with code snippets . You need to have the hardware capabilities as well..

Start with these links[^][^]
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this is a concept with wcf,in wcf we use load balancing
Both the WSHttpBinding and the WSDualHttpBinding can be load balanced using HTTP load balancing techniques provided several modifications are made to the default binding configuration.
Turn off Security Context Establishment: this can be accomplished by the setting the EstablishSecurityContext property on the WSHttpBinding to false. Alternatively, if security sessions are required, it is possible to use stateful security sessions as described in the Secure Sessions topic. Stateful security sessions enable the service to remain stateless as all of the state for the security session is transmitted with each request as a part of the protection security token. Note that to enable a stateful security session, it is necessary to use a CustomBinding or user-defined Binding as the necessary configuration settings are not exposed on WSHttpBinding and WSDualHttpBinding that are provided by the system.
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