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Hi all,

Ive researched this as much as I could. Im getting a a 2 dimensional array from javascript from a json string.
<pre lang="Javascript">

//Create 2 demensional arrays
//Create 2 demensional arrays
    var iMax = 2;
    var jMax = 6;
    var AttrTree = new Array();

    for (i = 0; i < iMax; i++) {
        AttrTree[i] = new Array();
        for (j = 0; j < jMax; j++) {
            AttrTree[i][j] = 0;

    for (var i = 0; i < 6; i++) {
        AttrTree[0][i] = document.getElementById("ContentPlaceHolder1_dlAttributes_txtAttrBase_" + i).value;
        AttrTree[1][i] = document.getElementById("ContentPlaceHolder1_dlAttributes_txtTempAttrBase_" + i).value;

    var json = {
        Attr: AttrTree };

    var loc = window.location.href;
        type: 'POST',
        url: loc + '/AttrScoreChanged',
        data: "{'data':'" + JSON.stringify(json) + "'}",
        dataType: 'json',
        contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8"

            .success(function (response) {

            .error(function (response) {

Above is how I create my 2D array and pass it to my webmethod in the codebehind.

This is my method.

<pre lang="xml">public static void AttrScoreChanged(string data)
         JavaScriptSerializer ser = new JavaScriptSerializer();
         //List<DnDCharacter> wrapper = ser.Deserialize<List<DnDCharacter>>(data);
         DnDCharacter attrToSave = ser.Deserialize<DnDCharacter>(data);
         //var attrToSave = ser.Deserialize<dynamic>(data);

         Default NewChar = new Default();

Now, it works ok if I use var attrToSave = ser.Deserialize<dynamic>(data);
But, I cant really do much with it. I cant extract values from it.

List<DnDCharacter> wrapper = ser.Deserialize<List<DnDCharacter>>(data);

It doesnt give me any error but it doesnt actually work. The wrapper will have nothing in it.

DnDCharacter attrToSave = ser.Deserialize<dndcharacter>(data);
This is the preferred way Id like to do it. Since this json will contain both 2d arrays and single strings. But, when I do this, I get an error: this not supported for deserialization of an array. Ive installed the dll that is suppose to correct this.

So, in short, Im lost. :D Help is very appreciated!
<pre lang="cs">public class DnDCharacter
        #region Attributes

        string[,] Attributes = new string[6, 2];

        #region Properties

        public string[,] Attr
            get { return Attributes; }
            set { Attributes = value; }


1 solution


2D array in JSON: [[1,2],[3,4]]

First Check the JSON string is that showing exactly like above.

in your case the whole string would be like : { 'Attr' : [[1,2],[3,4]] }

for single instance

Now if you want to send a list of that type then JSON would be like : [{ 'Attr' : [[1,2],[3,4]] },{ 'Attr' : [[10,20],[31,40]] }]

Now this string you can cast into a List<dndcharacter>
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