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Hi ,
I want to write .net certification Exam . Please guide me .
1).Basic exam details and prices
2).Tutorial for the exam .

It's a FAQ in Codeproject. Please browse here for previous answers(regarding Certifications) in Codeproject.Its one of the frequent questions in CP.
Certifications related questions/answers - Codeproject search[^]

For MS Certifications
Microsoft Visual Studio Certification[^]
Microsoft Certification[^]

Also see this(Free attachment for this question)
I doubt certification means much, especially as there are now websites where you pay, and they take the test in your name... - 2005[^]
Sorry, I think it's a total waste of time... - 2006[^]
This is why Microsoft certification is a waste of time, and meaningless... - 2006[^]
I've totally seen certification centres that will take the test in your name, and guarentee you will pass. How this is of value to anyone, is beyond me. - 2006[^]
Certifications are a joke, they are a waste of time. They prove nothing, apart from a willingness to pay for a test over and over, until you pass it. - 2007[^]
Yes, it's overpriced. Certification is useless, IMO. Certainly any certification that's free, is useless. - 2007[^]
See, this is why I would never bother with MS certifications, or hire anyone who had one, and thought it meant anything. - 2007[^]
See, it's because of people like you that certifications are worthless. Just say I had these answers and sent them to you. Do you think you can go into an interview with that certificate, but have no idea how to pass the test ( i.e. not know how to write web apps with C# ) and get a job ? - 2007[^]
This is why certifications are useless - 2007[^]
I think all exams are a waste of time. If someone wouldn't hire me b/c I don't have one, they have failed my exam. - 2008[^]
I thnk you mean you want to pass one ? That's easy, the web is full of guides. That's why those exams are worthless. - 2008[^]
I got an email once from someone who offered any Microsoft certification. They were a testing centre, so they would sit the exam in your name. - 2008[^]
certification is a joke. I am astounded that anyone still cares, MS must spend a lot on studies and articles like this one. - 2008[^]
Certification is a joke. I would say as much in my interviews. People can buy it without knowing anything. Prove that you know your stuff, that should be all you need to do. - 2009[^]
You really think that an employer won't work out that you have no idea about ASP.NET and just used 'dumps' to cheat on the exams ? This is why exams are useless. - 2009[^]
You know, any company worth working for, knows these things are useless and can quickly tell in interviews between programmers and people who got a certification by reading dumps - 2009[^]
You're not seriously going to do these ? - 2009[^]
MS certifications are easy to buy, that part does not surprise me at all. - 2010[^]

Here more than couple of ways to learn anything in Internet.
Education Needed[^]

Playing with dumps, cheetsheets are not good things for real developers.
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Madhu Nair 11-Nov-13 0:14am    
An Eye opener for me!!!!!!!
thatraja 11-Nov-13 1:49am    
Really? I though I was joking :D
Madhu Nair 11-Nov-13 7:49am    
Check this link. You will get all the information you required
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