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Hi all

In my table(Form Settings) i have 3 columns
Suffix and

Now in my Order from i have to add this 3 and generate Order Number
e.g. ORD-2001-XYZ
so for each order only SerialNo i.e 2001 will increment.
Please tell me how to do this..

Now what i did is i have 3 sql query and i stored the result for each in a variable and at end doing like this

Dim concat As String = a + "-" + c + "-" + b

and assigning the value to OrderNo textbox.

But next record it will not work..

So please tell me how to increment the Number Value each time.

Thank you
Updated 7-Nov-13 22:59pm

Two thoughts (since you dont say which DB you're using I cant be more specific)

1) instead of SerialNo per se (or even in another table) have an auto increment integer primary key - insert into the table every time, and select the highest record's key/ID to get the next 'SerialNo', with conversion to string and trim to the required digits you require - the cons are the table grows

2) use a trigger/procedure to increment a value

3) Oracle : use a sequence

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Snehasish00 8-Nov-13 5:00am    
Oh..I missed that..sorry..i am using SQL SERVER 2008..and for your 1st point, i want to say that that's the format i have to follow to generate Order other option..
Garth J Lancaster 8-Nov-13 5:03am    
SQL Server 2012 has 'sequences' :-) Im not sure about 2008 .. if not, one of the first two options is going to be the general sort of thing - there's plenty of help out there on google for this, btw
Thanks7872 8-Nov-13 5:15am    
I think you missed to use reply button at OP's comment :-)
Garth J Lancaster 8-Nov-13 5:39am    
bvgger ! oh well - sorry, Fri night, tough week (not over yet by a long shot), tired
Thanks7872 8-Nov-13 5:40am    
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