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Thanks You for Kinds Of Responsce.!!
any person can help for Making Crystal Report, using Visual Studia 2012 and Mysql server.

i am unalbe to Make Crystal report in vs 2012 and Using mysql server.

Please Send Full code

please help
Updated 27-Jul-16 2:27am
Pheonyx 11-Nov-13 3:29am    
Have you installed Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2012? Because that would be a starting point.
Sarfaraz Ahamd 14-Nov-13 1:13am    
yes i have Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2012
Pheonyx 14-Nov-13 3:20am    
What exactly is your issue, is it that you don't know how to create a crystal report? Is it that you don't know how to set MySQL as a data source in Visual Studio?

Public Sub loadlabe1()

        Dim sql_Sel As String
        Dim hIssId As Integer = 0
        hIssId = Request.QueryString("patID")


            Dim rptDoc As New ReportDocument()
            Dim DM As New DataManager
            Dim Tbl As DataTable
            Dim doc As New ReportDocument()

            sql_Sel = "exec RptOPIPCaseSheet @Opt=2,@patID=" & hIssId & ""
            Tbl = DataManager.ExecuteScalarDS(sql_Sel, Me.SqlCon, "RptIPCaseSheet")
            CrystLabl.ReportSource = doc

            'doc.PrintOptions.PaperSize = PaperSize.PaperA4
            'doc.PrintToPrinter(1, False, 1, 1)
            'crypt.PrintMode = PrintMode.ActiveX

            'FileName = Me.hRptType.Value + "labe1Print" + Request.QueryString("patID")
            'doc.ExportToDisk(ExportFormatType.PortableDocFormat, Server.MapPath("../Print/" + FileName + ".pdf"))

        Catch ex As Exception
            labelmsg.Text = ex.ToString()

        End Try

    End Sub
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Richard Deeming 27-Jul-16 8:34am    
If you're going to resurrect an ancient question, you need to add something new and interesting to the discussion.

This "solution" doesn't even attempt to answer the question.

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