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I have a web application and I need some guidance to have it open a MS Word document update it and send it back to the web server.

Following are the steps:

User views a web page with links to create a document.
User clicks on the link
Link launches a program on the PC that will:
receive a MS Word form file from the server
receive a data stream of information to merge with the MS Word form file.
Open the MS Word document on the PC
Run a macro inside of the MS Word document to merge the data provided
The user makes additional changes
When the user exits, send the word document back to the web server

I am not sure where to start.
My web application currently opens an activex session which opens MS word and runs the macro explained, but this requires a NetBIOS connection from the PC to the WebServer. I cannot support NetBIOS any more.
I am thinking a .net application that will be installed on the client PC?

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 14-Nov-13 16:29pm    
On client side or server side? Language, platform, other detail? What is the server-side technology you use?
No matter what it is, the whole idea is wrong anyway, but I need the detail to suggest you the correct approach.
Member 10402351 15-Nov-13 11:19am    
Server side is running Apache Web Server and PHP applications.
The system currently is all web based, except for the creation of word document forms.
This is a police reporting system, and they have 100's of MS Word document forms that they prefill from the database, but also add information to. After they are finished with the word form, they need to store this form back on the web server.

Today, the web application opens an activex session to open MS Word, pointing the document to a mapped drive on the server. The user updates the document, and when they close (file save), it is automatically saved to the mapped drive.
Member 10402351 15-Nov-13 11:21am    
The mapped drive option is causing us all kinds of issues - especially at remote sites. I need to implement a solution that does not require a NetBIOS connection from the pc to the server.
Thanks for your help!

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