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hello i have a linq query and i am going to findout average of rating in this query but its giving me error below is my query

fv1.DataSource = from st in obj.Book_details
                               join f in obj.Rating_tables on st.Book_Id equals f.Book_id
                                 where st.Book_Id == book_id
                                 select new {  st.Book_Id, st.Book_index, st.Category, st.Edition,                 st.Authoers_Id ,f.Rating.Average()};

table book_detail--
book_id   book_namne    price
  1          ok          45
  2          pkl         56

now another table is 

rating_id  book_id  rating
  1           1        4
  2           1        3
  3           2         5
   4          2        1
   5           1        3

now i want to find avg rating
where my linq query is 

var fgh  =  from st in obj.book_detail
            join t in obj.rating_table st.book_id equals t.book_id
            where st.book_id == bookid
            select new {st.book_name , st.book_id , st.price ,}

i am new in please help me in finding average rating
Updated 17-Nov-13 21:12pm
Er Daljeet Singh 18-Nov-13 0:22am    
What error you are getting.
Omprakash Kukana 18-Nov-13 0:25am    
Error 667 Invalid anonymous type member declarator. Anonymous type members must be declared with a member assignment, simple name or member access.
Omprakash Kukana 18-Nov-13 0:26am    
problem is here basically
Er Daljeet Singh 18-Nov-13 0:40am    
I don't think you will get Average() function with f.Rating beacuse it a returning a single value and you will not get average function there.

For aggregates to work you need to do a GROUP BY and Average takes a predicate, read the following :[^]
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