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I want to insert a label slider which consists of two image buttons which are indicating right and left. if i click on right, label have to slide right and then hide, another label should be displayed in the same place. i have tried a lot to do it but i am unable so plz help me out

Thnks in advance

1 solution

I can tell you the Logic.

Make three Divs.
1. First one will contain Left Arrow.
2. Second/Middle one will contain the many divs. Each one contains one label.
3. Last or Third one will contain Right Arrow.

All the divs except the first one inside Middle div will initially in hided condition.
So, the first div will and the arrows will be showing.

These arrows will be ImageButtons. So, on their click method at client-side, you just need to use jQuery, to hide the current div, which is showing at middle and show next div. The direction of slide will be determined by the type of Image Button Click.

If Left Arrow click event is fired, then it will slide towards left and right for Right Arrow click event.

To understand how to slide left/right, refer- slide right to left?[^].

If you can't do all this, then you can do a Goggle search for such Plug-ins.
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