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i need validation for phone number to accept only 12 digits and it should accept spaces and phonenumber should not start with digit 1

here is the validation i tried but here its not at all accepting 1 digit .in my case 1 should not start from first that's to do?

var phonepat=/^[\s()+-]*([02-9][\s()+-]*){7,12}$/;


If you are going to be playing with regular expressions, get a copy of Expresso [^] - it's free, and it examines and generates Regular expressions.
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deepa ashwi 24-Nov-13 10:46am    
ok griff thank you
Twelve digits? That's a lot. We only use ten in the U.S.; where are you?

Here's an expression that works pretty well for U.S. phone numbers ^((?'Paren'\()?[02-9]\d{2}(?(Paren)\)))?[-\s]*\d{3}[-\s]*\d{4}$

Bear in mind that Expresso and my RegexTester[^] use .net's implementation of Regular Expressions and may have features that Javascript doesn't.
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