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I have a gridview with 3 dropdownlists and 2 textboxes.

I want a jquery for the below functionality,
if( ddl1.selection ="1")
ddl2.enabled = true
ddl2.enabled = true

I have the below code like this written in jquery,
$(function() {
        $(".ddl1class").change(function() {
        if ($(this).find('option:selected').text() == "1") {
            //$(".ddl2class").attr('disabled', true);
            } else {
            //$(".ddl3class").attr('disabled', true);

But Iam not able to understand how to find the ddl2 of ddl1's gridview row to be enabled/disabled.

Can someone please help..
Updated 25-Nov-13 0:33am
Peter Leow 25-Nov-13 6:28am    
Is this what you are looking for, check up this link
Member 10217959 25-Nov-13 6:58am    
All the controls are in the gridview, so specifying just like this $("#ddl2class") will not help.

I need to find the row of the ddl1 and then ddl2 in that row and then
set the attribute

1 solution

You could just get the val() from select node for comparison.


look at this fiddle, this should do what you need:[^]
hope it helps.
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Member 10217959 2-Dec-13 1:42am    
Thanks a lot. your solution worked for me woth a slight modification.
Instead of "$(this).parent().parent("tr").find", I used "$(this).closest("tr").find"

But now I got into ANOTHER ISSUE, On the posback on a button click, Im losing the dropdown and text values and it is going empty.

Can you help on this as how to retain the values on the postback

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