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I want to install the EXE on the client machines [Windows 7], so do I have to install .NET Framework on that machines too ? My requirement is that without install .NET framework on client's machines ,Clients can run my setup file or exe file and my windows applications in .NET Framework 3.5--[Microsoft Visual Studio 2010] with SQL Server database 2008. So does client machine requires the .NET Framework Package to be installed on the computer where the application or setup-exe file runs ? If yes then which version do I have to install on Windows 7 client machine to solve any compatible issues for running my setup file???

Of course installation of compatible .NET Framework version is required. In can be of the same version as the target .NET version your product targets, or any later version.

You can declare the framework as the prerequisite to your installation and specify in your installation that it won't run unless this requirement is met. Alternatively, you can freely deploy .NET with your product, as .NET is designed to be freely re-distributable. Please start here:[^],[^].

The implementation detail depends on the installation toolkit and installation project type you use. Most of them allow both approaches: prerequisite check up and .NET deployment with the application.

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Vanilla default W7 installations come with 3.5.1 installed. That being said, there are ways to turn off the installation of the .NET framework on W7 that you may have to deal with.

How are you generating the Setup file? Using ClickOnce? There are options to include the .NET framework with the setup, either you can do two setups (one with it, one without) or just include it and it'll only install it if it needs to. If you are using another Setup software, you may be able to set it to download the .NET framework from Microsoft if required, so it doesn't increase the size of your package.
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Windows 7 includes .NET 3.5 as standard in the operating system install, so you don't need to add any .NET framework as long as you target that version or lower.

However, if you are using SQL server in you app, that needs to be installed on at least one (and preferably only one instance per network) of the computers available to the PC on which your app is installed. You should not install SQL server as part of your application.
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