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I used combo box(with 2 default values) in one of the column of a devexpress gridview. How to get the selected value of that combo box?

ie, in dx:ASPxGridView control, I have combobox like this

<dx:GridViewDataTextColumn FieldName="selectState" Caption="selectState" VisibleIndex="1" >
                     <dx:ASPxComboBox ID="selectState1"  runat="server" Value='<%#Bind("selectState") %>' Width="70px" EnableCallbackMode="true" >
                         <dx:listedititem Text="on" Value="on" />
                         <dx:listedititem Text="off" Value="off" />                        

how to get the selected value of the combo box?
Thanks in advance
Updated 25-Nov-13 23:38pm
Thomas ktg 26-Nov-13 1:14am    
You mean you have a combo box kept inside the DevExpress GridView And want to get the selected value of the Combo Box?
sunpop 26-Nov-13 1:16am    
demouser743 26-Nov-13 9:32am    
What is Items here when you are binding value to the combobox, generally ASPxComboBox in ASPxGridview should be binded in Init event of the combo box

1 solution

Use this below code to get the selected value from the ComboBox.
for (int row = 0; row < gridview1.VisibleRowCount; row++)
 ASPxComboBox ddlStatus = (ASPxComboBox)gridview1.FindRowCellTemplateControl(row, null, "ddlStatus");
    string status = ddlStatus.SelectedValue;
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sunpop 26-Nov-13 1:49am    
thank u! I'll let u know the status soon
sunpop 26-Nov-13 5:36am    
I've updated the question. Could you please check?
Thomas ktg 26-Nov-13 5:39am    
Did you try this code?
sunpop 26-Nov-13 6:06am    
sorry, what is gvHomework in your code? And I want to get the value when the DropDownList is changed(selected)
Thomas ktg 26-Nov-13 6:09am    
See my updated solution and let me know.

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