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I want to pass List<string> into stored procedure in sql 2005 using c#.
Hamassss 3-Dec-13 4:19am    
List of what ? List of strings ? Then just do foreach(item i in list) and pas it as strings to procedure.
If u have List of some custon objects then u need to decompose it to types DataBase can store and pass it again through some loop

That's actually a lot harder than it sounds, because SQL deosn't have a concept of "lists" or even "arrays".

Depending on exactly what you want to do with the list this might help:
Using comma separated value parameter strings in SQL IN clauses[^] - it deals with processing a commas separated string of vlaues into a temporary table for use in an SQL IN clause, which may go some way to helping you.
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Maciej Los 3-Dec-13 11:36am    
may be pass xml as string
and then

-- Create an internal representation of the XML document.
EXEC sp_xml_preparedocument @XmlDocumentHandle OUTPUT, @XmlDocument
-- Execute a SELECT stmt using OPENXML rowset provider.
FROM OPENXML (@XmlDocumentHandle, '/ROOT/Customer/Order/OrderDetail',2)
WITH (OrderID int '../@OrderID',
CustomerID varchar(10) '../@CustomerID',
OrderDate datetime '../@OrderDate',
ProdID int '@ProductID',
Qty int '@Quantity')
EXEC sp_xml_removedocument @XmlDocumentHandle
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As Griff has stated in SQL Server 2005 it isn't easy here is an article that discusses using it with SQL 2005[^]
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Table-Valued Parameters were introduced in SQL Server 2008 to provide a feature to make it easier to pass "lists" to a SQL Server Stored Procedure. If you have the option to upgrade to a newer version of SQL Server now or in the future, you may want to consider Table-Valued Parameters.

See Table-Valued Parameters in SQL Server 2008 (ADO.NET)[^]
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