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As a part of my project i need to get the browser history into a windows form within in a control like a text area or in a table..I search in a lot..i get some..but i need a step by step that i can understand the things.
hope you get my problem
please post your comments
Richard MacCutchan 8-Dec-13 12:34pm    
This is not a straightforward issue as different browsers hold their history information in different ways. You should check the developer pages for the browser you are interested in.
Vishal Pand3y 9-Dec-13 4:13am    
see this

1 solution

CodeProject is your friend: "The Tiny Wrapper Class for URL History Interface in C#:" [^].

Note that: "Chrome and Opera does not use the IURLHistory interface like IE or Firefox" [^].

For information on reading Opera's history using C#: [^].
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 8-Dec-13 14:42pm    
If this answer is not good, it's only because the question is not good enough. I voted 5; and the answer certainly does not deserve a vote of 1 it got.
BillWoodruff 8-Dec-13 23:10pm    
Thank you, Sergey. In this case, I cited code I had actually used.

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