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I want to get the Avg(Sum(Field!xxxx.value)) in ssrs expression..

How to do it..
If am using the above format if showing the error like

" Aggregate functions cannot be nested inside other aggregate functions."

Please help me ..
Thanks in advance.

1 solution

Think about it:

What is a SUM value? It's a single value which is all the values added together - it's called an Aggregate Function because it aggregates a list of values into a single value.

What is a AVG value? It's a single value which is the average of the values added together - it's also an Aggregate Function because it aggregates a list of values into a single value.

So why would you expect to be able to take an average of a sum?
double d = Average(1 + 2 + 3);
is meaningless in every language, because it is the equivalent of taking the values 1, 2, and 3, adding them together and then dividing the result by one...
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kanamala subin 12-Dec-13 7:52am    
I know this things..

Here my requirement is different..
For example in my report have 4 columns(Class,Subject,Name,Marks)and 2 drill-downs..
First drill-down started with Class
When I expand class will get all Subjects.
When I expand Subjects I will get Name and Marks.
In these Class and Subjects are row groups.And name and Marks are details.
In these suppose Marks column(detailed column) is the SUM(Marks Field)
So I need the average marks in top(Collapsed stage of Subjects).
Suppose marks field contains 0 values(20,0,34).
So SUM(Marks field)=54..
Many rows will come like this,

CLASS Subjects Name Marks
Class A -
Maths + 80
English+ 58
Hindi - 23.666
Subin 30
Visal 29
Rani 12
Here how can I get 23.666 IF 30,29,12 are the SUM(marks field)
Means 23.666 is the AVG(SUM(Marks field))

That is my problem

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