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Hi dear all,

I have very serious problem dear, I have integrated several devices successfully like webcam, fingerprint, maestros device, Body Composition Analyzer device..... on my local pc.
Now it's time to show demo to clients that's why website hosted to iss on server pc and and i have installed all my device's setups on server and got dlls reference into my project's bin folder but
when i run my hosted website, i'm unable to operate devices because Devices r not getting detected that r connected to my pc.

1. finger print device working perfectly on my local pc but when i conncet device in my pc and trying to work via server url it's not communicating.

2. while capturing via logitech webcam, it's not save/display image due to physical path mismatching.

3.while testing patient health status with BCA machine, in meantime web cam should capture an image patient and this is done using javascript method, thread sleep machanism. For this i put test button(Bca Machine) inside update panel so that javascript method can be called for img capture purpose with webcam without postback on click of test button without disturbance of it's own test_click's section code functionality, that r compulsory for bca machine.

All these problems came into seen after hosting the website on IIS. plz dear help me I've no idea about these errors.
Updated 6-Jun-23 23:20pm

Ummmm, I really hate to break out you but you should have tested this before going to the customer. Those devices have to be attached to the SERVER, not your client machine, in order to work with the code you've written.

That's why it works when you run the code on your DEV machine. It's the server and the client at the same time.

This is going to involve heavily rewriting your ASP.NET code and client side choice to support this stuff. Consult the documentation on those devices to see if it's even possible to use those devices in a web environment. Your going to need special controls in the client web pages to interact with the devices. Those countRies will have to be installed on the client machines.
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bholey 5-Jan-14 13:49pm    
To resolve this problem, i tried activex but it's working only with IE browser.
Now i tried applet code inside aspx page(web page) to open client pc port from live url
and i open my client machine COM1 port successfully by clicking openport button of applet. But when i click on webpage's test button, my bca machine is not entering in control mode and not read/write data.

Now i'm looking for add reference or import vender's dlls in netbean so that i modify the jar file and use dll methods to communicate device.

but do not know how and where to add or import third party dlls.
I googling for hours and tried but not found clear solution.

Plz it's very urgent dear, guide me step by step how to import dll.
plz guide me dear, thanks in advance.
Dave Kreskowiak 5-Jan-14 14:23pm    
Not a clue! I've never done it myself. Contact the manufacturer of the device for support on this.
You should go for use manual of Device configuration to use it at client & server.

Hope it will helps you lot much or you can contact device support center.
Because it seems that you have installed website at server and you are connecting device at client machine then you should wrote your code that access server dlls to client machine or you need to install driver of device at client machine.
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this is occur because the server pc (having IIS) have no permission to run your external input devices such as webcam you should allow to Edit Policy gpedit.msc and give permission to camera in camera privacy settings
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Richard Deeming 7-Jun-23 5:42am    
No amount of group policy changes will allow code running on the server to access and control devices connected the client.

Which you'd know, if you'd bothered to read the existing answers, both of which were posted almost ten years ago.

Stick to answering new questions unless you have something new and interesting - and also accurate! - to add to the discussion.

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