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Hello guys,

I am using AMAZON and EBAY API to show apparels on my site. average time taken by both API together and in response to user after creating object is as follows.
for 100 items from EBAY and 10 items from amazon total 110 items

EBAY => request and response= 3 sec
AMAZON => request and response= 3 sec
creating list after comparing from by database some condition all together takes= 8 sec

total= 14-15 sec average sometimes it extends to 20-25 sometimes.

This is really bad for any user experience.
Now my question is what techniques other sites are using for response optimization to show results altogether taking not more than 2 sec? Specially shopping sites

As far my knowledge storing in own database is not better approach because for any item 'Out of stock' can happen any time.

Please help guys..

Updated 26-Dec-13 20:42pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 27-Dec-13 2:32am    
Help with what? This is not a question.
C For Code!!! 27-Dec-13 2:38am    
Highlighted for you ...
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 27-Dec-13 2:54am    
Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience...
thatraja 27-Dec-13 2:36am    
Without seeing code, impossible spot the issue
C For Code!!! 27-Dec-13 2:40am    
there is no code issue i have not mention any error. I am asking for some suggestion.
Anyway to see code you can see below
void main()
Console.WriteLine("hello world");

They probably cache the data from third party sites and only refresh it regularly ( daily, for example ). Then they write databases that are well indexed, so that the queries run fast, and probably also invest in powerful machines, again, to make them faster.
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