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1. We are developing application in C# winform
2. We require word editor for that we tried for trial version of telerik wpf.
3. We require flowchart,organisation chart,snippets and all word functions so we prefer teleriks wpf controls
4. For that we integrated wpf controls in winform.
5. But now it seems that we are facing problems in hosting wpf controls ,wpf forms.
6.problems like calling wpf form's control from winform and vice versa.
7. Now i want suggession that shall we go for wpf application rather than integrating wpf in winform?
8. Is there any problems regarding to wpf forms in winform?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 30-Dec-13 1:13am    
The question makes no sense because items #5 and #6 are not explained, the item #8 is so vague that it is illogical (there are always some problems, so what?).

The general advice is: if you can, avoid integration of WPF in Forms and visa versa.

sp_suresh 30-Dec-13 1:23am    
5. We cannot refresh grid(of winform) from wpf form which is hosted inside winform
6. Also we cant access properties of radrichtextbox (of Wpf form) from winform for inserting data
from winform
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 30-Dec-13 1:34am    
Not informative. You always access all properties. If you cannot, you don't understand some basics of programming; this is not related to integration or to the choice of controls or frameworks...

The best advice I can give you as this: see what your most critically important and hard-to-develop controls are developed for, System.Windows.Forms or WPF and switch to either first or second library. If you are going to keep your "integration", your overall problems will only grow. However, this is not a 100% sure advice. In principle, integrated WPF+Forms development is quite possible, but it's much better to avoid it.

One more point to it: consider the problem philosophically: after all, no matter what you do, you can always feel some deficit of good controls for the framework/library you use. Sometimes you will need a control which is not presently available in any of those libraries. So, what's the conclusion? Try to make your business more independent from 3rd-parties, secure it a bit. For this purpose, learn how to develop good controls, invest your working time in it. It will make your real owners of your valuable of code asserts.

I cannot give any advice related to your particular technical problems of integration because you did not describe them, and my access to your hard drive through your chimney, due to the end of the year and approaching New Year is somewhat limited. Ho-ho-ho. :-)

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I have solved this problem in following way
1. I add new wpf application where i added third party wpf control
2. I set reference to wpf from winform
3. Also there is no problem if you integrate winform in wpf application
4. I suggest If anyone has to keep winform application and if wants to add wpf controls then do this way .Also for common methods,paths add one class project and refer in both winform and wpf project
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